Uni-ball Vision Needle Rollerball Pen, 0.7mm, Fine Point, Black Ink, Single Pen

by Uni-Ball

Do you prefer a pen with a smaller point that allows you to write in very detailed, even minute, script? If so, then the Vision Needle Rollerball Pen is for you! The Vision Needle roller pen has a needle point that allows for the most precise and detailed writing. The precise tip resists bending or breaking so you can easily rely on it for your everyday needs. Like all uni-ball pens, the Vision Needle pen features uni Super Ink which protects against water, fading and fraud. This pigment based ink contains particles that form an indelible bond in paper- it can’t be broken...ever. The best rollerball pens, Vision Needle delivers solid vivid colors every time you write.


  • Reliably smooth, free-flowing writing the moment the pen hits paper
  • Convenient visible ink supply window so you know how much ink remains
  • Exclusive uni-flow rollerball ink system provides consistent smoothness and color intensity
  • Features uni Super Ink which protects against water, fading and fraud
  • Includes single Uni-ball Vision Needle Rollerball pen, 0.7mm fine point