Tech Toyz Flexible Bendable Magic Race Track with Included Race Car, Multi Colored, Easy Assembly (257 Pieces)

by Tech Toyz

Make your race car track set bigger and badder than ever with this mega set! The flexible, twisting, turning, bendable, detachable race tracks allow kids to easily alter the direction and shape of the raceway--their minds will race with all the possible combinations! This race track has included accessories like a suspension bridge, track ramps, y-track road splitter, gas pumps, street signs, trees, and more, you'll never have the same track twice! They'll flip for the 360-degree, anti-gravity stunt loop that takes these cars for a ride upside down. Build a custom speedway in seconds and simply roll up the track when playtime is over, for quick and easy storage. All the pieces can be easily stored, so you can take the mega race track to school, a friend's house or on vacation with your family. Each speed car takes 1 AA battery.