Re: Writes Academic Dry Erase Notes, Rewritable, Removable, Reusable, 2 Note Pads 4x7", 1 Black Dry Erase Marker

by Re:writes
Rewrites are RE:writable, RE:movable and RE:usable dry erase notes. It's not a sticker. It's not adhesive. It's not a magnet. It's not magic. It just grips! It’s as flexible as a sticky note, as reusable as a dry erase board, and combines the best properties of both, new RE:writes Dry Erase Notes from It’s Academic. Need to leave yourself a note by your toothbrush? Leave a note for the FedEx guy? No problem! These notes will grip, hold and peel right off -no adhesive, no residue. Easy to use: stick on most any surface. Write and erase your note. Peel non-stick corner to use again. Easy care: If your RE:writes notes lose their stickiness, simply clean the back surface with water, let dry and they will be good as new.